Kameni Fitness, Health & Wellbeing


Owner & Coach

I have over 9 years of experience in the fitness industry. In depth understanding of the human body and how to get the best from training is something that my client’s benefit from. I have an honours degree in strength & conditioning and level 3 personal training. Having built a reputation based on results, my main priority has always been based around promoting health, nutrition, fitness and exercise as well as helping change the lives and physique of the general public.

I love, live and breathe fitness. I am an inspired individual who thrives when helping others achieve their goals. Moreover, I want to inspire and empower clients to take control of their lives. The incredible results my clients have achieved so far is a reflection of my ability to inspire individuals to achieve their own personal best. I offer my clients the most comprehensive and cutting edge one to one training and group training experience imaginable.




My passion for health and fitness started whilst at university, where I completed my degree in Physical Activity and Health.

Since then I have completed my course in Personal Training and I am a fully qualified Nutrition Coach. I help people achieve their goals in health and fitness by sharing my knowledge to help them on their journey. Equipping clients with the right knowledge allows them to take control of their lifestyle and how to effectively manage it.

Since working at Kameni Fitness I have met an amazing community who encourage and support each other. The passion and determination is infectious and makes it the best place to work! I am a compassionate and enthusiastic coach who will help you become the best version of yourself.